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Atcom Champion-Vital is a supplementary feed for horse feed. Atcom Champion-Vital is specifically designed for sport horses, which of course stress the heart, circulation, lungs and musculoskeletal system.

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Atcom Champion-Vital is a supplementary feed for horse feed. Atcom Champion-Vital is specifically designed for sport horses, which of course stress the heart, circulation, lungs and musculoskeletal system. Sufficient trace elements, vitamins, minerals and amino acids increase the performance of the sport horses. If there is a shortage of these substances, a drop in performance is often observed. In performance horses, the cartilage, bones and ligaments are very stressed, so there must also be enough micro-nutrients.

Unfortunately, the horse feed is no longer supplied with enough micro-nutrients these days, resulting in deficits of important vital substances. Atcom Champion Vital, however, is a good supplement to horse feed, because a sport horse needs the vital micro-nutrients. The physical performance is significantly improved and the mental capacity is significantly higher. Vitamin E plays an essential role in Atcom Champion-Vital, and performance horses need it especially for cellular respiration.


If not enough Atcom Champion-Vital is added to the horse feed, muscle degeneration, movement disorders or even liver damage can occur. With a sport horse the daily requirement is clearly higher than with a "normal" one? Horse. Amino acids, however, have a supporting effect on the structure of the muscles and connective tissue. Magnesium strengthens the nerves, improves fat utilization and increases performance. Copper and iron are very important for blood formation and these substances promote oxygen transport. Atcom Champion Vital is therefore a horse food that has a very significant importance for the health of the animal. Within a few days, the positive composition of Atcom Champion Vital horse feed is noticeable.


Atcom Champion Vital horse food is suitable for sport horses of all types, it is virtually an all-round supply for performance horses. The sporthorse is supplied with all substances and it reduces the restlessness inherent in these horses. Furthermore, the digestive tract of sport horses is severely strained, Atcom Champion Vital contains special yeasts that promote digestion and this in turn increases the horse's performance. In addition to the main feed Atcom Champion Vital provides all the necessary nutrients and thus the performance and concentration of sport horses is increased.


Composition of Atcom Champion-Vital:
cabbage. Seaweed lime, monocalcium phosphate, yeast, sea salt, molasses, magnesium oxide, grape pomace de-oiled, sugar beet molasses, vegetable fat (palm), spray-cloud powder, leash fine meal, linseed oil, calcium carbonate, cinnamon bark, seaweed meal, magnesium fumarate, rapeseed oil, anise, garlic, fennel, cumin, fenugreek seeds, Marshmallow


Analytical components:
Crude protein 6.4% Sodium 2.3% Crude oils and fats 4.3% Potassium 0.3% Crude fiber 3.7% Lysine 4.0% Crude ash 43.3% Methionine 2.5% Calcium 7.0% Threonine 2 , 0% phosphorus 3.0% cystine 0.3% magnesium 3.0%


Atcom Champion Vital feeding recommendation:
CHAMPION-VITAL is a pelleted supplementary feed. It is to be mixed with the main feed daily to the feeds in the specified quantities. CHAMPION-VITAL supplies the horse with all the nutrients it needs in the intensified training phase as well as for the competition.
CHAMPION-VITAL should be fed to the performance horse with a measuring cup (= approx. 60 g) per 150 kg of body weight during the entire time in which the horse is intensively trained. Depending on the weight of a large horse, there are about 3 to 4 measuring cups per day. In any case, the feeding should start not later than three to four weeks before the competition (the licensing, etc.).
In times of reduced training, the performance horse to ensure the nutrient requirement daily CHAMPION-VITAL with a quantity of ½ to 2/3 measuring cup per 150 kg body weight (depending on size and weight about 1.5 to 3 measuring cups) received.

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