Atcom - Atcom ECS-Vital 25kg

Atcom ECS-Vital is the ideal mineral feed for horses that have a sensitive metabolism.

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Atcom ECS-Vital is the ideal mineral feed for horses that have a sensitive metabolism. The horse feed is particularly well suited to Equine Cushing Syndrome (ECS). This disease is a hormonal disorder that often affects older horses. Much of the horses suffering from ECS are much more susceptible to laminitis. ECS can not be cured, but with proper feeding the horse can be well supported and well-being increased.


An important point is the renunciation of certain carbohydrates, as they occur in cereals or in the grass. Also in the horse feed Atcom ECS-Vital is no molasses and it has only a very small proportion of sugar and starch. In addition, care should be taken to ensure an adequate supply of essential vitamins and minerals. Older horses may experience a poorer synthesis of vitamins B and C. In the ECS horse feed, these vitamins, as well as vitamin E, which is good for muscle metabolism, contained in optimal amount. In particular, the vitamin B7 (biotin) supports the skin metabolism and strengthens the hooves.

The trace element zinc contained in the Atcom ECS-Vital horse feed is also very important for horses, especially those with metabolic disorders. Older horses have an overall higher zinc requirement, but also in physical stress such. Stress increases the need. Zinc is not only involved in many metabolic processes, but also supports the growth of hoof horn and fur.


Atcom ECS-Vital is also suitable for older and deer-sensitive horses thanks to its high-quality composition in addition to horses with hormonal imbalances.


The active ingredients contained in Atcom ECS-Vital:


- Provide horses with hormonal disorders with all the essential vitamins and nutrients
- Improve hoof growth and hoof health
- Optimize the skin function and ensure healthy coat
- Support many different metabolic processes
- Are good for supporting the digestive system and the immune system

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