Atcom Mag Silent 3kg

Resilient yet balanced by the targeted administration of the important anti-stress mineral magnesium in combination with B vitamins and essential amino acids.

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Magnesium is involved in the activation of more than 300 enzymes and therefore one of the most important minerals for the horse's organism. Magnesium is responsible for the breakdown and energy utilization of macronutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins and lipids and thus plays an important role in the energy metabolism in the cells. It has an important function as a calcium counterpart for the heart musculature and regulates excitement and polarization of neuromuscular membranes. Magnesium is central to the smooth functioning of the central nervous system and to muscle metabolism.


Thus, it is no wonder that a disruption in the magnesium balance can lead to muscle cramps and muscle tremors, as well as nervousness and disorders of motivation. That is why magnesium is also considered an anti-stress mineral.


But what causes lead to a disruption in the magnesium balance or require an increased intake of this vital mineral? Over-fertilization of soils often results in low levels of magnesium in the native feed, so that horses simply do not absorb enough magnesium and react with the typical nutritional deficiency symptoms mentioned above. But also due to often hidden absorption disorders (for example, by stress on the gastrointestinal tract) can lead to a low uptake of magnesium in the organism. Mental and physical stress cause the body to consume more magnesium, as well as losses through sweat. Other causes of increased consumption of magnesium in the body may be chronic heavy metal contamination, as well as increased calcium and protein intake.


Many horses suffer from a latent magnesium deficiency for the reasons described above and can thereby react nervously and susceptible to stress, concentrate poorly, show muscular problems and are less resilient. A targeted administration of magnesium can help here and is highly recommended for the support of serenity and a relaxed musculature.


Special features of ATCOM Mag Silent:


- Highly efficient within a few hours
- Organically bound magnesium in proven combination with B vitamins and essential amino acids for serenity and nerve strength
- ADMR compliant
- Enriched with vitamin E and Vitaminc C for increased cell protection

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