Atcom Superfood 1kg

ATCOM SUPERFOOD NUCLEO + - to balance and strengthen the nervous system with the Adaptogenic Rhodiola Rosea and Ginseng. Enriched with nucleotides.

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Especially today, when the horse is increasingly exposed to pollutants and environmental pollutants, it is important to pay attention to excellent feed quality when feeding the horse. However, as the basic feed is often polluted and usually nutrient-poor, the use of high-quality nutrient suppliers is ideal. Here, the so-called "superfoods" have proven very successful. Natural, with valuable phytochemicals and rich in many nutrients - these characteristics characterize a "superfood". They are suitable to support increased stress or can be administered prophylactically as a nutrient treatment to prevent deficiencies. In ATCOM SUPERFOOD NUKLEO + spirulina is found to be a valuable supplier for a wide range of vital nutrients, e.g. Amino acids and minerals as well as chia seeds are used. Chia seeds are characterized by a particularly high content of omega-3 fat acids. Protein synthesis and almost all metabolic processes require, among other things, these valuable fatty acids. In addition, chia seeds are rich in fiber, as well as in vitamins, trace and quantity elements and amino acids. In ATCOM SUPERFOOD we also use NUKLEO + ginseng and Rhodiola Rosea (rose root). These so-called "adaptogens" have been used for centuries to reduce stress and increase performance. They help the body cope with physical, chemical or biological stressors. Especially during strenuous periods, e.g. Following the tournament season, during illness or the subsequent convalescence phase or as prophylactic protection, these nutrients have proven to be ideal. Enriched is ATCOM SUPERFOOD NUCLEO + with nucleotides from yeast cell walls. Nucleotides play an important role as building blocks of DNA in a variety of metabolic processes. Especially for the muscle metabolism and muscle building, as well as the energy metabolism and a strong immune system, the use of nucleotides has proven itself.

Special features of ATCOM SUPERFOOD:

With Rhodiola Rosea (rose root) and Ginseng as adaptogens - traditionally used to reduce stress and increase performance
With chia seeds - rich in valuable Omeg-3 fat acids
Enriched with spirulina - supplier of a wide range of vital nutrients, e.g. Amino acids and minerals
With nucleotides - for a healthy muscle metabolism and a strong immune system
To promote well-being and reduce anxiety
to balance and to strengthen in case of nervous stress
Enriched with vitamin E, microalgae and rose hips
ATCOM SUPERFOOD is ideally suited:

To balance and to strengthen in case of nervous stress
To promote well-being and reduce anxiety.

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