Stiefel - Electrolyt Liquid

Stiefel Liquid Electrolyte - a liquid diet food to compensate for electrolyte losses due to excessive sweating.

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Stiefel Liquid Electrolyte - a liquid dietetic supplementary feed to compensate for electrolyte losses due to excessive sweating. Stiefel Electrolyte €“ for rapid regeneration Stiefel Electrolyte is used to compensate for electrolyte losses in sports horses as well as for the stabilisation of the water and electrolyte balance of foals and old horses. It contains sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium are required to stabilise the pressure in the body cells. Large amounts of electrolytes are excreted during strong sweating at high temperatures and due to high performance or diarrhoea. The loss of electrolytes is proportional to the loss of sweat. On hot days, a horse weighing approx. 600 kg can lose up to 35 l of sweat in 5-7 hours. Electrolytes are responsible for regulating the water balance. An inadequate water balance leads to lack of energy and a drop in performance. The highly concentrated ingredients of Stiefel Electrolyte compensate for this deficit and contribute to faster regeneration. Stiefel Electrolyte is further enriched with magnesium to support the muscular metabolism. Any horse that needs to perform should be sufficiently supplied with electrolytes during the tournament season and when undergoing intensive training. Old horses may also experience high electrolyte losses at high temperatures. There are unfortunately no deposits for electrolytes in the body. Sufficient supply in the feed is therefore required in the event of high consumption. Recommendation: Sufficient roughage should be supplied when high performance is needed or at high temperatures. Crude fibre binds water inside the intestines and thus acts as a storage facility. Feeding information: To compensate for electrolyte loss due to excessive sweating Large horses (600 kg body weight) 50 ml - 100 ml per day Small horses 30 ml - 60 ml per day Recommended duration of feeding: 1 - 3 days Provide plenty of water. It is recommended to consult a specialist before feeding the additive. For stabilisation of the water and electrolyte balance, when at risk of digestive problems or during and after digestive problems (diarrhoea): Foals 50 ml - 100 ml per day Recommended feeding period 1 - 7 days in each case; 1 - 3 days when used as single feed It is recommended to consult a veterinarian before feeding the additive. Product Properties : Food supplements COMPOSITION 18% Sodium chloride6% Potassium chloride3% Glucose2% Magnesium chloride INGREDIENTS Analytical components Ingredients Sodium 7,3 % Magnesium 0,27 % Potassium 3,15 % humidity 82 % Crude ash 17 % Nutritional Additives per kg Ingredients Vitamin C 1.000 mg Technological additives Ingredients Sodium propionate Potassium sorbate

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