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lomin contains many essential amino acids and minerals and is used to support muscle development and performance in sport horses.

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Elomin contains many essential amino acids and minerals and is used to support muscle development and performance in sports horses. It can support a balanced development of bone structure and muscles of foals and young horses during the growth phase. Elderly horses and horses recovering from an illness can also be supported by feeding Stiefel Elomin for maintenance and strength. All parts of the body, and in particular the muscles, contain protein. Proteins, in turn, are composed of amino acids. The horse can produce some of the amino acids in its intestines. However, others have to be taken up with the feed. All amino acids (approx. 20 in total) have to be available in the body in order to produce proteins. A shortage reduces protein synthesis and causes deficiencies, e.g. with regard to muscular development and performance capacity. Stiefel Elomin contains lysine-HCL, DL-methionine, sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, L-threonine, tryptophan. L-tryptophan, for example, is an essential amino acid. L-tryptophan is effective because it is converted to serotonin by the metabolic processes. It is one of the few amino acids that can easily cross the blood-brain barrier. Its effect is described as mood-lifting and calming. Lack of L-tryptophan, particularly in stress situations, leads to irritation, imbalance and lack of performance reserves. Please take note of the current anti-doping and medication control directives of the FN (German Riding Association). Feeding information: Horses (600 kg body weight) 25 g per day Small horses 12 g per day (1 measuring spoon = approx. 25 g) The dosage can be doubled in times of increased stress. This feed supplement contains more zinc than complete feeds and feeding is therefore limited to 50 g per day. Store in a cool and dry place protected against direct sunlight. Use soon after opening. Store out of reach of small children. This feed does not need to be identified as a genetically modified organism. Product Properties : Food supplements Anti-doping: 48-hour waiting period COMPOSITION 21% Soy extraction grist15% Wheat bran10% Brewer's yeast8% Monocalcium phosphate7% Linseed cake flour 5% Sweet whey powder4% Sodium chloride4% Magnesium oxide INGREDIENTS Analytical components Ingredients Crude protein 18,5 % Crude fibre 3,6 % Crude oils and fats 2 % Crude ash 20 % Calcium 5 % Phosphorus 2 % Sodium 1,5 % Magnesium 2 % Nutritional Additives per kg Ingredients L-threonine 20.000 mg DL-methionine 50.000 mg L-lysine 60.000 mg L-tryptophan 10.000 mg Vitamin A 200.000 UI Vitamin D3 10.000 UI Vitamin E 1.000 mg Vitamin B1 500 mg Nicotinic acid 1.500 mg Choline as choline chloride 5.000 mg Copper as cupric sulfate, pentahydrate E4 500 mg Iodine as calcium iodate, hexahydrate 20 mg Iron as ferrous sulfate monohydrate E1 800 mg Zinc as zinc oxide, monohydrate 1.000 mg Manganese as manganese-II-oxide E5 300 mg Cobalt as cobalt II acetate, tetrahydrate 35 mg

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