Incidin Foam

Incidin Foam 750ml or 2liters.

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Article number: 26101
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Incidin Foam

(26101) 750ml

(131872) 5 liters

Fast-acting, ready-to-use disinfectant foam.


100 grams contains:

20 grams 2 Propanol
10 grams of ethanol
0.2 grams of Benzalkonium chloride
0.01 grams of Glucoprotamine


No inhalation of aerosol
Foam formula, clearly visible on the surface being treated; great certainty of disinfection on all surfaces
Aldehyde-free, well tolerated by users.
Effective wetting of the surfaces and thanks to the alcohol a quick drying.
Ready-to-use product, easy to use, immediately applicable.
Optimum safety for patient and staff.
Applicable to: metal, plastic (also Plexiglas), lacquered surfaces, etc.
Pleasant working conditions, an observable hygiene for the patients.
Ready for use
Contains glucoprotamine
Foam formula, clearly visible
Broad spectrum of operation
Very short contact time
Very material friendly
Pleasantly perfumed: lemon scent


Spray the product Incidin Foam purely on the surface and let it work well. Then wipe the surface with a clean work cloth. Or spray the product on a disposable cloth and remove the surface. Then let it dry.

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